About Cloth Diapers

  • Easy to use, modern green diapering system
  • Outer cover is waterproof, washable, durable, & breathable
  • Inner soaker pad w/ 2 layers of up-cycled absorbent cotton
  • Wick moisture- away from skin, avoids diaper rash
  • Easy poop clean-up- just spray or scrape off pad
  • Convenient Velcro closure for adjustable fit
  • Economical- disposables cost over $2000 per baby
  • Eco-friendly – disposables take 500 years to decompose!
  • No irritating chemicals on baby’s skin from disposables


  • Small 8-20 lbs
  • Medium 18-28 lbs
  • Large 25-40 lbs
  • Suggested amount- 3 or 4 shells per size
  • and 20+  soaker pads
  • Made in Durango, Co

Care Instructions

Outer shell-wipe/rinse down and air dry between diaper changes. When diaper is soiled, toss shell it in the washer. Use Velcro fold-over laundry tabs. Use minimal non-chorine bleach and low/medium dryer heat or hang dry.

Inner soaker pads- Machine wash on warm/ hot on a heavy duty cycle with full recommended amount of detergent. Wash about every other day to avoid smell build-up.  Do not use fabric softener, as it will affect absorbency. Use dryer, or hang dry. Consider using “flushable & fully biodegradable diaper liners for super easy clean-up. Sold online at Walmart.

Use- Tuck soaker pad under front and back yoke of diaper shell. Soft, fuzzy white side always goes against the baby’s skin. Double pads for heavy wetters or night time.